10. What we can do

10. What we can do

Biodiversity loss is a large and complex problem, and the solution is not in any one person’s hands but requires us all to work together.

In the video we heard the views and ideas of different groups of people on rescuing biodiversity.

The clip comes with subtitles in English. Just click play, select the gear icon on the lower right and select subtitles in English.

Read more about the emotions that environmental change brings out

Read more about the emotions that environmental change can bring out, and how these emotions are linked to action for the environment.

  1. SITRA study ”Ilmastotunteet 2019”
    Original study (pdf in Finnish)

  2. SITRA’s overview on their report ”Ilmastotunteet 2019”.

  3. Should young people feel remorse about climate change?
    Column (in Finnish)

Think for yourself

Should young people feel remorse over climate change?
Where can you find reliable information about environmental change?

Project on environmental feeling and action

What makes people act for the environment?

Environmental change and biodiversity loss bring out different feelings in people, and cause them to behave in very different ways. People also have different abilities to affect change at different stages of their lives and in different positions in society. Study this by asking the same questions of different groups of people.

Conduct a survey among the students in your class, and then again among environmental or climate activists. The easiest way to contact activists is through their organisations –Twitter  is also a good tool for contacting people. You can conduct the survey easily online with a  Google-form. Find out from each group: Do they feel hopeful; how do they affect change in their everyday lives, and through activism; what feelings they have about environmental change; how worried they are; and what helps them feel better.